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Amanda grew up in a small rural town in southern Virginia where she began her work journey at the age of 14 at a hot dog stand in front of the local Winn Dixie. That ignited the flame that has kept her in the service industry in some capacity for the entirety of her career. From the hot dog stand, to the library, on to retail, food service, hospitality, junk removal, operations, sales, human resources, and communications and on and on, she has been enamored with the service experience since day one. Each opportunity was a new window through which to observe and improve a service experience in numerous ways.

Amanda spent many years working her way up the corporate ladder, and gaining invaluable hands-on education and experience. She is a recognized thought leader who designs, develops and delivers multi-dimensional cross-functional solutions to clients. Amanda has extensive experience in the areas of workplace culture, engagement, organizational behavior, strategic planning and training. Her expertise and deep experience in the area of customer experience transformation, from strategy through implementation, serves her extremely well as a consultant, allowing her to deliver the best solutions to her clients for the best results. Amanda has a true passion for evoking enthusiasm in the workplace and designing solutions to help clients deliver exceptional service experiences. She has the benefit of having observed and dissected the service experience from every perspective and the good news is she’s willing to share what she’s learned!

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