As an industry, veterinary medicine is naturally empathetic and “soft”. Our doctors and team are passionate, caring and highly involved in patient outcomes.  Our highs are high and our lows are low, which can make for a volatile day. Because we recognize the effect this has on each other, we tend to have loose boundaries and that makes managing the hospital quite challenging.

 Last year, we realized if we wanted to move forward and be the premier veterinary hospital in our market, we needed to get out of our rut.  We were so fortunate that a colleague introduced us to Amanda. She came in and had a fresh perspective on things to which we had turned a blind eye. Her ability to connect with people to get them to engage is impressive.  Amanda’s insightfulness has helped us establish and implement protocols to meet our goals. Our team is now cohesive, goal-oriented and mature, something clients and patients are benefitting from immensely.

 On a day to day basis, Amanda continues to coach us and help us problem solve.  She is intuitive, hardworking and devoted to making our practice a success. We highly recommend Amanda to anyone who wants a prosperous business with a highly engaged team!


Melissa P. Wells, CVPM, CCFP
Coats Veterinary Hospital