Amanda has been a tremendous resource for the growth and development of my business and our team over the last 4 years.  Amanda organized my vision for the business and helped me develop a plan that allowed me to execute my business goals.  

She provided me built in accountability and focused my attention so that we could ensure our entire team was going the same direction.  Amanda excels in the art of communication providing constructive feedback and direction regarding business practices and operations as well as coaching on the most productive approach with team members and clients. 

Amanda has led our annual cultural retreats over the last 4 years to keep our organization on mission and foster a healthy workplace culture.  She helped us develop operational efficiencies to ensure we were focused on our client experience which allowed our business to thrive.  

I'm so thankful to have Amanda's coaching to facilitate our business growth as well as the professional and personal development of our leaders in the organization.


Billy Richardson, DVM
Owner – Trinity Animal Hospital