Jessica Caldwell, Practice Mgr
Trinity Animal Hospital


Amanda Davis is a phenomenal consultant. I started working with Amanda in November 2018 as the practice manager at Trinity Animal Hospital. She is such an asset. Amanda is so professional and her knowledge and skillset are outstanding. She is there for support for coaching conversations with the team, presentations at team meetings, creating employee handbooks, helping institute new processes and ensuring maximize efficiency.

 Amanda has a skill set and communication style that is unmatched by anyone I have met. She coaches you to communicate in a way that the recipient will best receive and understand.  She has been working with me on personal growth and development and facilitating an understanding of the make-up of my personality. I’m learning how to handle situations that I would have avoided in the past and am now challenging myself to push through the uncomfortable moments that really help me grow as a person.

 Amanda is an amazing resource in all aspects of managing people and businesses. She keeps the WHY at the forefront and is a leader in culture building. Amanda is more than a consultant, she is a partner in leading the way to building a culture and a team that differentiate themselves in business.